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Our mission for Matthew’s Miracles is to provide assistance, guidance and support for families of children who have endured a tragedy or sudden loss in our surrounding communities. Also to provide financial assistance to existing programs geared towards the needs of children and families who have endured tragedy or sudden loss. 

The reason this mission was chosen was after having to endure this horrible tragedy and researching further we have discovered there are not many resources in our area to assist children or families of children after a tragedy occurs. It is hard to find counseling services for children without steep out of pocket expenses as well as funeral costs. Parents hope and pray something like this never happens to their children and are never prepared if or when it does. Matthew was a friend and helper to everyone and would love nothing more than to help other people during a time when they experience the worse thing imaginable. Even just the fact that there are people who understand the feeling can mean the world to a grieving family after a child loss. We have been blessed with a community of friends, family and perfect strangers who have shown their love and support and so we want to give it back in Matthew’s Honor

Matthews Miracles 333 A Non Profit Corporation

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